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Diagnosed as a Celiac? Perhaps just gluten sensitive? Struggling to figure out where and what you can eat safely?

I have been living with Celiac since diagnosis in 2009. Immediately after finding out I was unable to eat gluten I had a difficult time figuring out what was really safe to cook with at home and even harder was to find restaurants that were TRULY gluten free. In the years since I have come up with many recipes and products that make gluten free a tasty existence. Many restaurants advertise that they are gluten free but in my experience this is NOT always the case. While this is unfortunate, through this website I hope to educate other gluten intolerant and celiac individuals the right questions to ask, and provide listings of restaurants I have tried personally with great results.

Pardon the basic layout of the site- it's just getting started :) In the future there will be maps with restaurants I have personally visited and verified. Additionally I will be adding a recipe section, and a listing of products you can purchase through your local grocery store.

If you would like your restaurant, product or recipe featured on the site please send an e-mail
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